Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Movie Review - Doctor Strange


Title: Doctor Strange
Series: Doctor Strange #1
Director: Scott Derrickson
Rating :


What is it about?
An expert surgeon injures his hands.  While looking for a way to heal he finds an unexpected place in a world of magic fighting evil.

Shannon’s Thoughts:

A doctor, by the name of Stephen Strange, believes in the scientific and thinks himself a hotshot because of the intricate surgery he done, not to mention lives he’s saved.  After a car crash Stephen has to learn how live without some use of his hands, and his job.  As he searches for a way to heal his hands he finds a place where magic and science meet.

When this movie was first announced that Benedict Cumberbatch would be stepping into the role of Doctor Strange, I think everyone agreed he looked the part and we knew he could play the part.  So the movie success relied writing and CGI. It blew me away.  The acting was great, the characters were great, and CGI was top notch. It is even better than the comics in my opinion.  Some of the characters are different gender than the comics and it works even better.

I can not think of anything I did not like about this movie.  Except maybe I wanted some of the characters to get more screen time.   But even that is not that big deal because I also feel most characters had enough time on screen too.   If I could find anything else I did not like it would really be nit picking so I am not going there.

I eagerly await to see more Doctor Strange in the Marvel Universe.  His unique take on life can not make it back to theatres soon enough.



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