Friday, August 11, 2017

Feeling Good Friday - The Road To Wellness


I have ignored this blog for far too long. The reason I created it was to maybe combine all three blogs I started into just this one, Confuzzled Living.  The problem is I just did not know what to post here.  I know whenever I post that I am going to do this on this day, every week I end up not doing it.  I want this blog to focus on me being thankful and positive.  Then I maybe combine the blogs… maybe.   Anyway today is Friday.  #GoodNewsFriday

Little update on me before I tell you what I have done this week:
In January I had bariatrics surgery.   It’s not an easy surgery nor was it difficult the whole time.  My hormones were out of wack so I sometimes got upset a lot of the time.  Things seem to be balancing out. ‘As of now I have lost 115 pounds. Which is good, but.. I have more to go.

This week:
I added an extra day to my physical therapy.  I have already been working 2 days a week in aquatic therapy and now I added one day on land. I feel the aquatic therapy is helping my knees and I am able to move more than I have been in a while. In fact I have been cleaning *shocked look*  Cleaning has been the most difficult to do with my knees and back hurting.  There are still things I can’t do to clean but I am a work in progress.

How was your week?  Do anything you're proud of?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Movie Review - Collateral Beauty


Title: Collateral Beauty
Series: N/A
Director: David Frankel
Rating :


What is it about?

A successful businessman suffers the loss of a child.  As he wallows in grief, personal life and business suffers, he writes to three universal subjects, love, death and time.  The three subjects of life come to him in human form to show him there is beauty in life and loss.

Shannon’s Thoughts:

Will Smith’s character, a businessman who searches for answers to the loss of his child, does a great job showing the difference of a happy man (although brief) and then a sad and beaten man trying to keep existing.

Such a lighthearted movie intertwined with sadness and hope. Also a well casted movie.  I feel like I could watch the movie many times and get something different from it every time.  Each entity brought such passion to the roles.   As the main character is so angry at Death, Love and Time, the same entities show the same passion, and anger back at times.

As we see Death, Love and Time interact with the different characters I am reminded of Dickens A Christmas Carol.  It does not end quite the same as this movie has a different and some what confusing twist.  Which brings me to my only fault...did Will Smith character forget his wife completely? Did I miss something explaining how he did forget her?  

A wonderful movie with great complex thoughts that bring such powerful feelings and hopefulness.  May end up a cult classic one day...maybe.



Thursday, January 5, 2017

Movie Review - Rogue One : A Star Wars Story


Title: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Series: Star Wars
Director: Gareth Edwards
Rating :


What is it about?
This Star Wars story takes place between Star Wars 3 and Star Wars 4.  The Rebel Alliance is in search of plans on how to destroy the Death Star.

Shannon’s Thoughts:

We learn how the Rebel Alliance gained the plans on how to destroy the Death Star.

I have heard many people call this one better than the original Star Wars and I would not go that far but I think I understand it. It seemed very true to the canon of the Star Wars world.  It is not fan fiction like and it got dark when it needed to making it feel very real.

You would think that a movie where you know what is going to happen after it might be boring. It could have been but it was not. The story was compelling, and action packed. I have never been big fan of general war movies but this was made enjoyable to watch.

I hope to see more movies like this in the Star Wars world. I never read the books that tell of other Star Wars stories, some not in canon.  Just hope the movie  are as good this.