Monday, April 16, 2012

Anime Review - Ranma 1/2

Title: Ranma 1/2
Series: Episode 1 Season1
Creator: Rumiko Takahashi
Rating :

What is it about?

A young teenage boy falls in a spring that curses him to change into a girl when wet.

My Thoughts:

This was the first anime I ever watched.  I thought it was weird at first and then the more I watched the more I was hooked into the characters and the story.  It is so funny.  It still my favorite to watch.

This first episode can be strange even for those that have seen other animes.  The boy switching into a girl but still really a boy.  The girl , Akana, that has a attraction to boy and girl Ranma.  The fathers who seem more like little boys including Ranma’s father who is cursed to change into a giant panda bear.

I believe this anime to be the one that influenced the ones made after like Princess TuTu.

It has a lot of sexuality and sometimes nakedness so that is probably why they have not featured it on the any network.  I would like to see it on adult swim.   One can hope.




Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recipe - Pea Pickin Cake


1 golden cake mix
1 sm. can mandarin ranges with juice
1 1/2 c. cooking oil
4 eggs

1 lg. Cool Whip
1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple, chilled with juice
1 sm. vanilla instant pudding

CAKE: Beat all ingredients together until well blended. Use 3 greased floured round cake pans. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.
FILLING: Combine pineapple and pudding; fold in Cool Whip. Spread between layers and on top of completely cooled cake. Refrigerate.

* On Side Note I had only 2 cakes and a lot of filling left over. I also messed up the filling because I used Cook and Stir pudding instead of instant. It still came out pretty. This a very sweet cake though. Hubby likes it but it amazingly 2 sweet for me.*--

Monday, March 19, 2012

Anime Review - Princess Tutu : Epsiode 1 Season 1

Title: Princess Tutu: Epsiode 1 Season 1
Series: Princess Tutu
Director: Shogo Kawamoto, Junichi Sato
Rating :

What is it about? A young girl in ballet school tries to function with her clumsiness, a crush and strange dreams or are they dreams.

My Thoughts:

I thought this to be strange and sometimes cute.   It also put me in mind of another anime Ranma ½ because the main character changes into an animal.  The strangest part was the ballet teacher. I couldn’t figure out if it was a Japanese reference to a joke or just plan silliness when the teacher would threaten them with marriage to himself.

I am not sure if I will keep watching because the first episode did seem a little slow moving.




Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Sharing - Geek Comes Out

Something I can’t wait to come on YouTube is this series that will feature Felicia Day.  It is called Geek & Sundry   I just started watching the episodes of The Guild I missed (for those that don’t know it is a web series by Felicia Day)  And to make me completely geeky I also joined a book club she is in called Vaginal Fantasy Book Club which is actually on Good Reads.

So that is what I am sharing with you this week.  DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Movie Review - War Horse

Title: War Horse
Series: N/A
Director: Steven Spielberg
Rating :

What is it about?

A strong will horse and young man find a connect with each but are then separated during World War I.

My Thoughts:

When I first saw the commercials for War Horse.  I really thought this was going to be a movie I cry at, mostly because the horse and his friend were pictured with so much emotion.   

Sadly watching the movie I had felt no connection or just not enough for the horse and the boy.  That does not mean the movie wasn’t good it was an absolutely beautiful movie.  Some of the scenes were so beautiful I wish I could paint them. It just seems like that director focused more on the imagery then the story.


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