Sunday, January 26, 2014

Movie Review - Oblivion

Title: Oblivion

Series: N/A
Director: Joesph Kosinski

Rating :

What is it about?

A science fiction future where earth is at war with aliens who are bleeding the planet dry. After the big fight has ended two humans,Jack ( Tom Cruise) and Victoria, (Andrea Riseborough)have a  job is to scan the earth with technology tracking the planets resources and killing those that don’t belong.

Shannon’s Thoughts:

I was interested in this one more than the other sci-fi movie that came out the same time, which was After Earth.  My husband and I guessed the twist ending. Not quite guessing everything that happens but enough of the story.  I was just hoping it wasn’t a twist I had seen before such as Matrix and I got what I hoped but, there was some elements of the Matrix and 2001:Space Odyssey.

It was okay.  The ships, motorcycles and other tech was cool.  There were some big explosions, some over the top. I was very reminded of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun character with all the flying was done in Oblivion.  If I am being honest I would have to say I am glad that I did not pay $10 for a movie ticket.  I wasn’t really surprised by anything that happened but did enjoy the characters.



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