Friday, August 11, 2017

Feeling Good Friday - The Road To Wellness


I have ignored this blog for far too long. The reason I created it was to maybe combine all three blogs I started into just this one, Confuzzled Living.  The problem is I just did not know what to post here.  I know whenever I post that I am going to do this on this day, every week I end up not doing it.  I want this blog to focus on me being thankful and positive.  Then I maybe combine the blogs… maybe.   Anyway today is Friday.  #GoodNewsFriday

Little update on me before I tell you what I have done this week:
In January I had bariatrics surgery.   It’s not an easy surgery nor was it difficult the whole time.  My hormones were out of wack so I sometimes got upset a lot of the time.  Things seem to be balancing out. ‘As of now I have lost 115 pounds. Which is good, but.. I have more to go.

This week:
I added an extra day to my physical therapy.  I have already been working 2 days a week in aquatic therapy and now I added one day on land. I feel the aquatic therapy is helping my knees and I am able to move more than I have been in a while. In fact I have been cleaning *shocked look*  Cleaning has been the most difficult to do with my knees and back hurting.  There are still things I can’t do to clean but I am a work in progress.

How was your week?  Do anything you're proud of?

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