Thursday, August 10, 2017

Movie Review - Collateral Beauty


Title: Collateral Beauty
Series: N/A
Director: David Frankel
Rating :


What is it about?

A successful businessman suffers the loss of a child.  As he wallows in grief, personal life and business suffers, he writes to three universal subjects, love, death and time.  The three subjects of life come to him in human form to show him there is beauty in life and loss.

Shannon’s Thoughts:

Will Smith’s character, a businessman who searches for answers to the loss of his child, does a great job showing the difference of a happy man (although brief) and then a sad and beaten man trying to keep existing.

Such a lighthearted movie intertwined with sadness and hope. Also a well casted movie.  I feel like I could watch the movie many times and get something different from it every time.  Each entity brought such passion to the roles.   As the main character is so angry at Death, Love and Time, the same entities show the same passion, and anger back at times.

As we see Death, Love and Time interact with the different characters I am reminded of Dickens A Christmas Carol.  It does not end quite the same as this movie has a different and some what confusing twist.  Which brings me to my only fault...did Will Smith character forget his wife completely? Did I miss something explaining how he did forget her?  

A wonderful movie with great complex thoughts that bring such powerful feelings and hopefulness.  May end up a cult classic one day...maybe.



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