Thursday, August 11, 2011

Movie Review - Monsters

Title: Monsters
Series: N/A
Director: Gareth Edwards
Rating :

What is it about?

A photographer try to find a big story on monster while trying to get the boss’s daughter home before they get killed.

My Thoughts:

Very much in par with Cloverfield, this film has well done camera work and lesser known actors who do a pretty good job of keeping you enthralled.

The storyline of aliens taking over part of the U.S. and Mexico is not of course a originally thought but the way this is done is.    There is a way that the people living with the monsters are just there like nothing is really going on they are just living there lives.   This to me is very realistic to what something of this world catastrophe level would happen.  First people freak but then eventually you have live your life.   You fight, you struggle just as the characters in the movie struggled with there own lives and dissociation from the aliens unless they came into actual contact with them.

Eventually as you get to the end of this movie it drags and then picks up.  Then it story end so abruptly.  At least that is way I remember it now but I also remember that in a artistic way it made sense the way it ended.   There is a part of the chemistry between two aliens and then the end chemistry between the actor and actress that seem like a beautiful dance.

I don’t watch much Sci Fi.  I do prefer fantasy more but movies like this can be entertaining for those who are more interested in people drama then having it completely about aliens.

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