Thursday, July 21, 2011

Art Therapy - A Blessing In Disguise

Art Therapy A Blessing In Disguise

Presenting itself in many forms Art Therapy can be a blessing.   Whether it be from taking photos, to writing or to painting it can bring people support and even friendship where there wasn’t before.
“A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Art can bring a closeness to oneself and joy to others. I say it can be in disguise as well because many people don’t consider themselves artists. That depends on how you describe an artist.  I think an artist is a being that was created to create.   That would make all of us right?

If you knew that you were an artist or if I told you right now you were... what would you create for me?  I bet
you have something right off the top of your head.  
Do you think “Oh well I am just a Mom or a Dad?”  You created a person who is still a work in progress! What beautiful Art!
Maybe you think from your childhood, “I’ll make a card!” or “I’ll make macaroni art.”   
Maybe you think in writing or pictures or cleaning.   Yes cleaning can be a form of art...have you ever heard of decorating you have to start with cleaning to decorate!
Do you love to cook? That is an Art!

Before I started the blog Confuzzled Books I probably would not have considered writing as a form of art.   Not because it is not, it was just because I did not think of it before.  Writing to me was as hard as drawing and more taxing.   Now I look at it as a form of recovery and as with all art it all takes practice but it is all art! We are all works in progress!

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