Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Movie Review - Captain America: Civil War


Title: Captain America: Civil War
Series: Captain America #3
Director: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo
Rating :


What is it about? Captain America: Civil War is the third installment of the Captain America movies.  Based on the Marvel comics by the same name. Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark / Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) stand on opposite sides about whether the government should have control of the Avengers and superheroes in general.

Shannon’s Thoughts:

I was a little afraid going into Captain America: Civil War because many movies with a lot of strong characters tend to focus less on the story.  I am ecstatic to said that this did not happen. Each opinion of the characters are shown and the story comes together nicely.  

Now let's talk about the fight scenes and CGI.  They were awesome! I think Black Widow had some the most intricate fight moves.  Sure it was not actually Scarlett Johansson and probably her stunt double, I say this because her back is facing the camera most of the fight scene. The CGI was so well done and the biggest CGI image is in the very beginning of the movie that involves Tony Stark.  I don’t want to spoil too much about it but it is very neat.

I had only one issue.  The fight scenes while they were great they did go on for a while.  I do not know if I was just tired that day but one fight scene I started nodding off.  But like I said it may have to do more with me then the movie.

Better than the second Avenger movie, Captain America: Civil War is action packed and enjoyable for all ages.




Zach Murphy said...

This movie was loads of fun.

- Zach

Confuzzled Shannon said...

Yes it was! Thanks for stopping by!