Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anime Review - This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Epsiode 1

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World: Complete Collection
Title: Dawn is the Dividing Line Between Light and Darkness Epsiode 1
Series: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
Director: Shoji Saeki
Rating :

What is it about?
A lazy high school student and his friend come across a strange light in the sky that turns out to be a beautiful girl.

My Thoughts:

The cover for this attracted me on Netflix but it ended up being an Anime I don’t think I would like.  I am more for the cutey animes, like Ranma ½.  This had me a little interested but bored at the same time.  

Yes I understood the title and knew that it might get a little dark but the way it was described just seemed that it would be different.   

Maybe it was because I related a little to much to Takeru, the lazy high school student, maybe because part of me was interested in the ending of this episode and at the same time disliked.  Could be that is the point.  Yes there are part that are ugly yet beautiful.  It is just this kind of darkness brings me down sometimes just because of the fact I guess it is true.

I don’t think I will be watching the rest as it just wasn’t for me.  Although my interested is a little curious to know what happens.  Maybe another time I will turn to it.  The nice thing about time sometimes it changes your views on things so this rating may not be permanent.

Had I watched the trailer on YouTube before hand I probably would have not watched it.



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