Friday, July 1, 2011

Movie Review - Princess Kaiulani

Title: Princess Kaiulani
Series: N/A
Director:Marc Forby

Rating : 

What is it about?
The last princess for Hawaii fights for her people’s freedom from the United States of America.

My Thoughts:

I watched this movie not knowing much about the history of Hawaii before it became a state of the United States of America.  It was interesting to learn about the story of the last princess (or some say Queen) of Hawaii.  This intelligent, beautiful and elegant young woman fights with passion for her country and it’s people.

I guess you can say we all know how it ends and unfortunately it is a very sad story for Princess Kaiulani.  

The movie is a little confusing at the beginning because it is not explained how she is a princess and her uncle is King not her mother who passes.   At least I don’t think her mother was Queen.  Let’s just say I am uncertain about that but Kaiulani starts out as a princess and her father is of Scottish descent and not of royal blood.   

About 45 minutes into the movie I thought is it over all ready not because I was bored really but because the story just seemed like what more could there be to tell.  You have to realize this is a film about Princess Kaiulani and not just Hawaii.

I think the costumes and production was beautifully done.   The storyline a little confusing at time and cuts to soon to different points but it was well done.   Not good enough to watch twice but interesting enough if you are into the history of royals and history of Hawaii.

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