Thursday, July 7, 2011

Movie Review - Avalon High


Avalon High

Title: Avalon High
Series: N/A
Director: Stuart Gillard
Rating :

What is it about?
The reincarnation of King Arthur has come back to fight for his kingdom only now it in high school

My Thoughts:

First I want to say I love anything usually to do with King Arthur and Camelot and I wasn’t sure about this movie.  I knew it was based on the book by the same name by Meg Cabot but I had not read it. (From what I understand you want to see the movie before the book because it horribly butchers it.)  I was expecting a pretty cheese filled movie with bad effects that I have seen Disney do but I was pleasantly surprised.

The acting was not as cheesy as I thought would be (except for the end) the production was great.  I thought the story was written well enough.   It was entertaining.   It had me curious to know if some of the story had been in the myths.  Like the Order of the Bear...I was very curious about that.  I thought for a teen Disney movie it was pretty good and would watch it again if it came on. It made me want to read the book which sounds even better to me.

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